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Copper or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), we work with both. Which one is better? It depends on the project. Just call us for a free estimate and we'll help you decide which one is best for you.

Water Heaters

Everyone needs hot water. It is extremely inconvenient to be left without hot water on the weekend. Our flexible schedule allows us to take jobs on the weekends, too. Just give us a call!

Slab Leaks

Slab leak? No problem! We are here to help and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Call us for your free estimate today!


Garbage disposals, faucets, bathrooms, you name it! We are residential plumbing specialists and will fix any plumbing problem in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.

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We are a team of experienced plumbing experts specializing in residential repipe, conventional and tankless water heater installation, and slab leaks. Based in San Diego and serving the entire San Diego county.
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Martin repiped my entire house, replaced my old water heater and some fixtures. He and his guys, Peter and Jude kicked butt. They showed up on time the first day, set up a base of operations in my garage and almost never stopped until the job was done. They started on a Monday and by Friday it looked like they had never been there. Drywall replaced, outside spigots installed and plastered, everything exactly as promised. I used to work as a plumber's helper and Martin is the real deal, old school tradesman. Works until the job is done right. Having your house completely repiped is a major construction project. You need guys like Martin that you can trust to get the job done. I feel very fortunate that I found him. -Paul H

Martin Dimitrov is a very knowledgeable plumber and a very hard worker. He works non-stop until the job is done. His work ethic is impressive. Martin explains what he is doing and answers your questions completely and patiently. I highly recommend this plumber and give him 5 stars! -Cindy W

Once water begins to drip from your ceiling on a sunny day you panic, call the plumber and pray he can make it stop without the expense of a second mortgage! While initial repair was cheap, we discovered that the situation was dire and the pipes were rapidly beginning to deteriorate. Repiping was the only answer with our initial quotes as high as $25,000. Ouch! After shopping around an interviewing candidate services, we selected Repipe & Water Heaters 4 Less for both cost and professionalism. From the beginning, Martin left us comfortable and performed the job well beyond our expectations and left our premises clean enough to make a maid service envious. That was nearly a year ago. Since then, Martin has become our go-to plumber for both our home and rental needs. He has consistently quickly responded, performed the job right and been fair on price. We could not ask for more. -Shon S

I hired Martin Dimitrov to repipe my entire condo with PEX piping. He had another plumber with him to help with the job. I was so apprehensive about doing this. I had a pipe break in a bathroom ceiling and cause a lot of damage to the floor, ceiling, and walls and also in the entry to my condo. After the restoration company left, I researched what needed to be done next and interviewed three plumbers before deciding on hiring Martin. He was in my home for four days working with his assistant. They were so pleasant and efficient and worked some days 12 hours or more but never raised the price after running into some unexpected issues and working even longer hours to get the job done on time as promised. Martin is so pleasant and always smiling no matter what job difficulties he encounters. My condo was built in 1988 so there were some unexpected issues, which he solved after consulting with me before fixing them. He is very capable with repipe and general plumbing issues and is also excellent at drywall repair. He fixed the drywall so you cannot even tell it was cut and the texturing perfectly matches the original. I had him come back after the repipe and install some new ceiling fans in the bathrooms. I highly recommend him for repipe, plumbing and drywall. Anytime I need a plumber or drywall work, Martin will be my first choice. -Carol F.

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